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SEMS Group 3 Minute Thesis Competition

Published: 26 September 2018
Samuel Jellard presenting his research

The SEMS Research Group held its first-ever 3 Minute Thesis competition. The event was held off-site in the Wessex Suite of the University of Southampton's Wide Lane Sports Ground. Sixteen PhD students, at various points through their studies, presented their research. The presentations were judged by separate staff and student panels.

Prize winners were:

0-18 month (Staff Panel): Peng Li "The application of Aluminium Nitride in Micro-Opto-electro-mechanical systems" 18 months+ (Staff Panel): Samuel Jellard "Water Droplet Impact Energy Harvesting with Lead-Free Piezoelectric Structures"

0-18 month (Student Panel): Xiangming Xu "Integrated Optomechanical Systems for Sensing Applications" 18 months+ (Student Panel): Alberto Rodriguez Arreola "From Transient Computing to Transient Systems: Overcoming Challenges to Enable Real Applications"

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