The University of Southampton


Members of the Smart Electronic Materials and Systems Research Group have a long history of engagement with industry, and have formed a number of spin-out companies.

Spin-out Companies

  • Perpetuum is now the world leader in vibration harvester powered wireless sensor systems.
  • 8power has novel technology for sensing and measurement in industrial applications, using energy harvesting.
  • Wisen Innovation develops and supplies wireless infrastructure monitoring equipment for civil engineering.
  • Smart Fabric Inks supplies screen printable pastes, and offers consultancy services relating to smart fabrics.


Our school has its own highly respected professional consultancy company, ECS Partners Ltd, which engages in short-term projects that can range from a single day of an academic’s time through to a short duration research project involving a team of research staff.

Smart Fabric Inks

Our spin-out company Smart Fabric Inks offers a comprehensive platform technology for electronic textiles, with a broad portfolio of functional materials and the expertise to develop new solutions.

Smart Fabric Inks