The University of Southampton
Student printing a device in the Printed Electronics and Materials Laboratory


Our research group is equipped with a range of high-quality and specialist facilities, including the Printed Electronics and Materials Lab, Test Lab, PhD Research Lab and Specialist Equipment Lab.

Printed Electronics and Materials Laboratory

The Printed Electronics and Materials Laboratory realises novel thick-film electronic sensors, actuators, circuits and systems printed with a screen printer or inkjet printer on a variety of substrates using commercial and in-house inks and pastes. The printed devices developed within the facility include micropumps, heaters, multi-layer flexible printed circuit boards, accelerometers, gas and liquid sensors, electroluminescent displays, pressure sensors and energy harvesters. A bead mill is used to develop our own printed electrically active materials, and materials analysis tools are used to study the effects of particle size and distribution upon electrical performance.

Test Laboratory

This is a large general-purpose electronics lab, with over 20 benches which can be used on a drop-in basis or booked for longer periods. Along with standard equipment (oscilloscopes, soldering irons) the lab is also equipped with specialist assembly, test and measurement equipment including a large reflow oven, network analyser, semiconductor analyser, thermoelectric characterisation, logic analyser, vibration energy harvesting test rig, hydraulic press, piezoelectric polling station, d33 meter and bespoke dispenser printer.

PhD Research Laboratory

Our large open-plan PhD Research Laboratory houses PhD students and post-doctoral researchers. All full-time PhD students are allocated a permanent desk in this lab, located close to their academic supervisors. Our PhD students and staff are able to procure high-specification desktop or laptop PCs that are suitable for running complex simulations. The lab also has a social and meeting space for students to discuss their research in an informal environment.

Specialist Equipment Laboratory

We have specialist equipment housed in laboratory space, including an environmental chamber with humidity/temperature control, bench furnace, potentiostat, electrochemical measurement, surface profilometer, ultrasonic cleaner, de-ionised water supply, vacuum chamber and high-voltage power supply.