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Bahareh Zaghari wins WiSET+ Award

Published: 3 July 2019
Bahareh was presented with her award at a "Women in Academia" event at the John Hansard Gallery

The 2019 WiSET+ Award winners were announced at John Hansard Gallery at the opening exhibition for the "Women in Academia" creative exhibition. Dr Bahareh Zaghari, a researcher from the SEMS Research Group, received the WiSET+ award. The awards are given to reward and recognise the exceptional contributions of individuals in outreach or supporting women in academia.

Bahareh completed her MSc and PhD at the University of Southampton. She is now working on the design of smart systems, such as the next generation of jet engines and smart cities, and is developing a pollution sensing system for bicycles, so that more accurate pollution data can be collected. She is experienced in working with the biomechanical, automotive, and aerospace industries, both from her current academic position and as part of her previous consultancy roles as a system engineer.

Outside of academia, Bahareh is interested in astronomy and painting. Bahareh also is keen baker, where she creates different cake and pie recipes.

Before coming to the UK, Bahareh founded an organisation supporting women's education in science in Iran, and received a prize from the Iranian amateur astronomy society for her outstanding contributions in leading teams of astronomers and organising research and outreach activities, including stargazing events. She is chair of the forum for female staff in the SEMS Research Group, and has given many scientifically-engaging talks, including "Golden Rules of PhD Life", delivered at the 2018 University of Southampton's Festival of Doctoral Research.

In her nomination, a student commented "Bahareh is an inspiration to her colleagues and friends, whom she treats with respect. Ultimately however, it is Bahareh's interaction with her students that causes me to recommend her for a WiSET+ award. In the first semester of this year, I had the privilege of attending her lectures in robotics, and her outstanding level of preparation caused an unprecedented amount of interaction in her classes; Bahareh truly has an aptitude for engaging an audience. This success was reflected in her feedback for the course, where students were quick to praise her work. Bahareh has also run many student projects this year, including several internships. The students from these projects maintain contact with Bahareh after the project has been completed, because Bahareh inspires them in their work. The key to Bahareh's success is her humility; this quality is not missed by the students, who see an approachable and amiable academic, who is not afraid to engage with students in her wide field of expertise. It is academics like Bahareh that go above and beyond what is required, and who set an example from which we can all learn."

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