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C-IoT Seminar on Opportunities for IoT in Road Transport - Event

14th of April, 2021  @  14:00 - 15:00
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Title: Opportunities for IoT and Pervasive Computing in Road Transport

Abstract: This presentation describes the main issues confronting the road transport sector and how Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are beginning to address challenges in managing road-space, in improving safety, and in addressing environmental concerns.  Examples are provided from urban and interurban contexts illustrating how sensors, communications and data analytics are beginning to be harnessed.  Cybersecurity is identified as one of the many issues that seem to be causing concern and slowing progress.  The potential capabilities of connected vehicles are highlighted as providing new opportunities for developing products and services and for employing techniques from other domains. ​

Biography: Alan is a Visiting Professor at the University of Southampton and has 30 years’ experience working on the application of new technology to the transport environment.  His career has included developments for the UK Home Office, research on the Cambridge Science Park and at TRL (the UK Transport Research Laboratory) where he was Chief Scientist and Research Director.  He is internationally recognised for research on Human-Machine Interaction concerning the behaviour and safety of drivers using in-vehicle technology particularly driver information systems, and the safety and responsibility of drivers when using connected and increasingly automated vehicles.

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